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joko waluyo sales manager +62.898.9017.215
Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Security and Surveillance System, CCTV Avigilon HD Pro Camera's

CCTV Avigilon HD Pro Camera's

Avigilon IP CCTV
Where the highest quality images, storage and performance is required Avigilon fits the bill. Its range of 720P, 1080P, 8MP, 11MP, 16MP and 29MP cameras, coupled with a control software package that was created for its simplicity and ease of use. Avigilon is leading the way in Full HD IP CCTV Systems.
While Many IP Software packages have been devolved by improving/enhancing existing control packages Avigilon Control Center was engineered from the ground up to intelligently manage HD video, delivering both situational awareness and complete image detail. Avigilon Control Center captures, transmits, manages, stores, archives, plays back, and exports HD video while efficiently handling bandwidth and storage. Avigilon Control Center’s modular, open architecture allows system designers to integrate Avigilon solutions with existing assets including analog and IP cameras, access control and other intrusion systems. Available in two editions, Enterprise and Standard, tailored to meet the needs of all customers the below charts highlight the features available in each edition.
Avigilon Control Center is the world's first truly open network video management software designed for HD surveillance. Avigilon maintains a wide partner network of industry leaders in IP cameras, Access Control, Critical Communication, Alarm Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, and Visitor Management Systems.
Avigilon Control Center Supported Cameras and Encoders
Avigilon Control Center supports a wide range of IP cameras and encoders from many different manufacturers including: Acti, Arecont, Axis, Mobotix, Pelco, Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, SightLogix, Sony and VideoIQ. Avigilon Control Center also supports ONVIF compliant IP cameras and encoders.

High Definition Recording and Playback Timeline
Advanced timeline interface with unique integrated drag to zoom capability allows full control over high definition surveillance video playback in forward and reverse at variable speeds up to 8 times faster than real time. A rapidly updating playback system allows intuitive jog, or shuttle, playback to identify key events and subtle changes.

Bookmark and Export HD Surveillance Footage
Securely bookmark and export movies or still images in industry standard formats or in Avigilon lossless format for dynamic offsite forensic enhancement by third parties such as law enforcement officials. Exported video can be managed via the Avigilon Control Center Player, a powerful playback application with all the tools required for analyzing and reviewing captured HD Surveillance footage. Bookmarked events are indexed to allow rapid searching using user defined metadata. Bookmark protection ensures bookmarked events are kept permanently on the NVR.

Integrated Graphic Mapping for System Layout
Advanced graphic mapping interface enables operators to layout cameras and servers on an imported map for easy navigation of large surveillance systems. Maps can be layered and nested allowing easy navigation through satellite maps, multi-story buildings and very large areas.

Event Triggered Recording
Set recording parameters independently for each camera to record on schedule, motion or external alarm events. Collect reference images at predetermined intervals between triggered full motion recording events.

Vertical Markets :
Avigilon HD Systems are used as a Business and Compliance tool as well as Security and Surveillance
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Retail
  • Banks
  • Offices
  • Law Enforcement and Prisons
  • Casinos
  • Transportation
  • School Campus
HD Pro Camera's cover vast areas in large detail making them ideal for stadium, ports and critical infrastructure

* 8 Mega Pixel JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera
Replace over 25 cameras and reduce installation costs
8 Mega Pixel JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera is the intro camera to our HD Pro line and can cover the same area as 26 standard VGA cameras. available in color and monochrome models, the 8 Mega Pixel HD Pro allows you to capture High Definition image detail in day or night time conditions, and is ideal for areas requiring broad coverage.

* 11 Mega Pixel JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera
Cover more area with fewer camera's
The Avigilon 11 MP JPEG2000 HD Pro camera offers a horizontal layout of 4000 pixels and can replace over 36 standard analog VGA cameras. Color and monochrome options give you the best of both worlds when it comes to lighting conditions and both support E/EF lenses to deliver the best evidence.
* 16 Mega Pixel JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera
Fewer camera's. Less installation cost.
Just one 16 Mega Pixel HD Pro Camera provides the same resolution as up to 50 traditional analog camerasinstall and be up and running faster with fewer cameras and remote zoom and focus. color and monochrome options allow you to capture detail in challenging lighting condition and both are compatible with E/EF lenses.

* 29 Mega Pixel JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera
Fewer camera's. Less installation. Huge coverage
The industry leader. The Avigilon 29 Mega Pixel JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera provides the coverage area of over 95 traditional VGA cameras and delivers detailed image even in extreme lighting conditions. installations is easy with remote zoom focus and iris control, and E/EF lenses provide the best optical quality to deliver the best evidence.

Mengapa Harus Memilih Produk Kami :
Perusahaan kami PT. Intisar Primula sudah berdiri dari tahun 1985 sehingga sudah sangat berpengalaman dalam menangani Camera Pengawas ( HD Video Cameras ) CCTV Avigilon HD Pro Camera's dan mampu bersaing dengan produk -produk import sekalipun
Di Era Global Technology sekarang ini kita mampu bertahan bahkan mempunyai beberapa cabang diantaranya :

   * Bandung
   * Semarang
   * Denpasar
   * Batam
   * Bali

DISTRIBUTOR (Business Partner) :
   * USA, iCrescendo LLC

   * Surabaya (PT. Kharisma Citra Perkasa Abadi)
   * Medan ( PT. Tricom Sakti)
   * Makasar ( PT. Primanusa Infodata)
   * Palembang ( PT. Inti Informatika)
   * Solo ( Infotek)
   * Jakarta ( CV. Anugrah Jaya)
   * Jakarta ( PT. Bhinneka Mentari Dimensi)

Customer List :

Lebih dari 20.000 pengguna tersebar di 33 Provinsi Indonesia dan lebih dari 35.000 lokasi Instalasi (tidak dapat menampilkan semua)

Itu semua adalah berkat dari kepercayaan dan kepuasan masyarakat dalam memilih produk - produk kita sehingga banyak sekali perusahaan yang memilih produk-produk kita. dan sudah banyak sekali penghargaan yang sudah kita peroleh diantaranya :

Penghargaan Primaniyarta 2008 oleh Presiden Repubik Indonesia Bapak Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono dan Rintisan Teknologi Industri 2008 oleh Presiden Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono 

Best Mobile Security Applications - ACC Mobile and Business Week listed us in their Best New Security Products Line-up 2009

Third Fastest Growing Company Canada

Fastest Growing Software Company in NA ( 4th Fastest Overall ) in North America ahead Of LinkedIn, Yousendit and Google


Jika anda ada yang berminat untuk pemasangan/pengadaan dan info lebih jelas tentang CCTV Avigilon HD Pro Camera's atau ingin menjadi Reseller Produk-produk kita silakan menghubungi :

Joko Waluyo
Sales Manager
Cell. +62.898.9017.215
Phone. (021) 7029.5883
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